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Spring 2017 YA Scavenger Hunt!

Hi hi! Once again it's time for the YA Scavenger Hunt!!! YASH gives you a chance to check out scads of fun bonus material and enter to win awesome twenty-book prize packs, not to mention all the secondary contests with more good stuff up for grabs. If you're new to YASH or confused about how to play, check this site for instructions on how to hunt. If you're in the middle of the mayhem and completely stuck, here's some help for that.

This hunt I am proud to represent the PURPLE TEAM!! I'm hosting Claire Luana. From the pictures on her website, I can tell that Claire has done more than 5  (yes, FIVE) things I still need to check off my bucket list, like glacier hiking and scuba diving #ENVY ;D

Claire’s here to talk about her book, Moonburner! The book is set in an Asian-inspired fantasy world and is filled with snarky talking animals, devious villains, and girl power. Here’s the blurb:

 When 17-year old Kai is exposed as a female sorceress–a moonburner, she knows the punishment is death. Despite the odds against her, Kai escapes her fate and undertakes a harrowing journey to a land where moonburners are revered and trained as warriors.

But the moonburner citadel is not the place of refuge and learning that Kai imagined. The ongoing war against the male sorcerers, or sunburners, has led the citadel leadership down a dark path that could spell the end of all magic. Armed with a secret from her past and a handsome but dangerous ally in the sunburner prince, Kai may be the only one able to prevent the destruction of her people.


Claire: Today, I’ll be sharing a deleted scene from Moonburner!

But first, a little backstory. Moonburners are female sorcerers who draw their power from the light of the moon. Moonburners are forbidden to marry, have children, or have any relations with men. The punishment for violating this ban is death. Kai, the main character, is walking around the citadel, the moonburner school, with her silver fox animal companion, Quitsu. Ok, here we go!

The sunlight filtered through the trees, leaving this corner of the garden half-cast in shadow. Kai and Quitsu rounded a stone wall and found themselves in another courtyard, even more deserted than the first. An ornamental bridge spanned a narrow pond in the center of the space, koi fish floating lazily in its depths. As Kai took a deep breath, reveling in the serenity of the solitude, she froze. They weren’t alone.  Against the far stone wall, a couple lay under a red maple tree, clearly engrossed in each other. 
Kai shrank against the wall, kicking herself for her intrusion. Her cheeks flamed red as she tried to cast her eyes anywhere but the most intimate scene. She froze as something caught her eye. A light blue uniform top lay discarded on the green grass next to the entwined couple. 
“A samanera,” Kai whispered to Quitsu. “I thought we weren’t supposed to… you know.”
“I guess they don’t all play by the rules” he retorted quietly. 
“Let’s go before they see us.” Kai began creeping backwards, out of the courtyard, when her heel caught on a rock and she tumbled backwards, landing in an undignified pile in a rustling bush. Kai shot to her feet, her ears burning. The couple was on their feet, the girl with her light blue top clutched to her bare chest, and the boy, no, man, standing protectively in front of her. 
“Maaya?” Kai exclaimed. Even across the courtyard, she recognized her friend’s pigtail braids, now mused with dust and crowned with a stray maple-leaf. And the man…he looked familiar too. Kai’s eyes narrowed. It was Atsu, the biwa player from the Fox and Fiddle.
“Kai,” Maaya exclaimed, a look of relief plain on her flushed face. She darted across the bridge, pulling her shirt over her head. Maaya gripped Kai’s arms, a fervent gleam in her eye.
 “Kai, please. You cannot tell anyone. I know I’m not supposed to, but…” she looked back at Atsu, who stood and watching the scene impassively.
“How long has this been going on?” Kai hissed. “Don’t you understand how dangerous this is? How could you bring him here? If one of the masters found out…”
“I know,” Maaya said miserably, biting her lip. “I saw him after that night at the Fox and Fiddle. We’ve…been sneaking off together ever since. I know it’s insane, but…Kai.” Maaya’s voice wavered. “I’ve never felt like this as long as I’ve lived. I love him. I can’t live without him. I don’t want to live without him.” A rivulet of tears ran down Maaya’s cheek.
Kai sighed, drawing Maaya into a hug, glaring at Atsu over Maaya’s shoulder. “It’ll be okay,” she murmured, not at all sure that it would be. If Maaya and Atsu were found out, the punishment was death. What were they going to do?

Moonburner is available in Print, eBook, or Audio! To find out more, click HERE.

And don’t forget to stop by Claire’s website to snag a copy of Burning Fate, the prequel to Moonburner for FREE!


Great scene, Claire! And oooh, a talking silver fox animal companion. I want one :) 

Here's more info about Claire herself:

Claire Luana lives in Seattle with her husband and two dogs. By day, she works as a commercial litigation attorney, and by night, she writes young adult fantasy novels.

Some little-known facts about Claire:

She knows how to Scottish Highland Dance.
Cadbury Mini Eggs are her Kryptonite
She sucks at any sport that requires hand-eye coordination.
She loves country music.
She wishes she could freeze time and catch up on her reading list!

Find Claire online:


One lucky purple team winner will score a 20-book prize pack, including a copy of MOONBURNER from Claire and an ARC of THIS IS HOW IT HAPPENED from me. But you guys know I love these secondary giveaways, so a second lucky winner will win their choice of any of my YA books shown in the sidebar + a second YASH book of your choice (max value US $18.00, to ship from Book Depo or Wordery) or a ten-page critique of your writing (submission due by 12/31/17.) Read more about each of my titles on my Books page.

The winner's choice of Paula Stokes novel will be signed and personalized if you have a US address, or shipped from Book Depo/Wordery with a signed personalized bookplate mailed separately if you're an international reader.

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Are you hungry for more exclusive content, epic secondary contests, and general YASH mayhem?!? My agent-sister Ilsa J Bick is next for Team Purple. Happy hunting, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

As always, A HUGE THANK YOU to the organizers of the hunt for including me, and to all of the participants for taking the time to stop by our blogs and enter our contests.


  1. I think that YASH is pretty great as is, but I will say that it could use more of a social media presence. YASH hardly tweets or posts anything on Facebook, and I think this is a missed opportunity! I would totally retweet, comment, or share if they posted the day of YASH starting, or special info on the teams, maybe author bios, etc.

  2. I like YASH! Some of the comments for some of the sites are tricky though.

  3. If people say their number is in purple, it should be in purple, and all of the numbers should be in a color to match the group the author is in--gold or purple, etc.

    1. Hi John, sorry about the confusion. My 5 is in purple, it's just hard to differentiate since my normal text is black, but I added in some highlighted text to hopefully clarify. I agree the numbers need to be in color since it's hard to write a post without mentioning 20-book prize packs or similar.

      I really had to rack my brain to find the 333 you were asking about! That's actually the emoticon way to say "hearts" as in "books and love" but you're right. I can definitely see why it might be confusing since I'm purple team this year and that pink looks sort of purple. I edited the post. Again, I apologize for the confusion.

  4. Loving YASH. There have been a few broken links this year, one still broken 24hrs after the start. Thank you for extra giveaway

  5. I think the photo collage of the books on each team should have links to each author's page or goodreads so we can check out new books we haven't heard of before.

  6. a little more consistency/organized!

  7. I have always loved the YA scavenger hunt!! I really can't think of anything huge but I guess to make things a lot more streamlined, would be to have authors who are hosting their own contests to fix some aspects of the rafflecopters. I am happy to subscribe or tweet or follow when asked, and it makes it easy when all I have to do is click a button to do any of those things. Most authors just post instructions that take longer to get through. Even then, I can't think of anything else haha.

  8. All number should be highlightet in the color of the team the author is on

  9. Honestly, I think the hunt is great the way it is. I love the way its set up. Thanks for being part of the hunt!

  10. Maybe just having the contest run longer? It's a really short amount of time to be able to visit everyone's sites.

  11. Most of the above comments are pretty stellar, I can't think of anything super helpful to add :) I haven't run into any problems that weren't readily fixed - for instance, one author was late posting their YASH post, but it was corrected in a timely manner. Another problem I had were a few of the links were misdirecting to author pages instead of blog posts, but a little sleuthing and I was able to get to their posts through the menu bars on their sites. All in all, I haven't encountered too many problems, but I agree with everyone's comments that came before me.

  12. Thanks for asking how to improve YASH. I wish we had more time to complete it. It would also be good to have the special number highlighted in the team's color. It is sometimes really hard to find the numbers.

  13. The only thing I can think of that hasn't been said is that on one author's blog, the number isn't too clear, one of the numbers is a faded while the rest is dark. It's confusing whether the faded number is a part of it or not.

  14. Two winners instead of one in every team would be great... but i do feel like i'm asking too much though

  15. I agree with comments about YASH social media presence but otherwise I love it.

  16. I also hope that by the next YASH, authors on a team will use their color for their favorite/ numbers. It gets confusing when someone is on one team but they use a different color for their number. Thanks!

  17. I love the hunt but I guess a way to make it run smoother would be to have all the website double checked for glitches or issues before the hunt goes live. Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. I agree with other commentors , more of a presence on social media and all the numbers being posted in the group color would be really nice!

  19. I agree with everyone that the secret numbers could be highlighted with the team color,

  20. I noticed that there are less authors that participated compared to October last year. I do like that new authors are being introduced who were not part of last years.

    So far, I haven't noticed any errors while doing the hunt.


  21. All number should be highlighted and maybe adding one more team? :D

  22. I find entering some of the individual contests to be VERY confusing. Especially when you can't figure out how to comment on people's blogs :( Yours was easy, though - thanks so much!!

  23. As it has been mentioned before, the number on everyone's website should be presented in a standardized way so there is no confusion as to what number is the number we are looking for.

  24. The only thing I might suggest is having the scavenger hunt run longer. It really doesn't give me enough time to read all the extra stuff from each author. Besides that ... I love the YA Scavenger Hunt!!!

  25. I LOVE the YA Scavenger Hunt! I really do not have anything to complain about. :) Love it! Maybe more time to complete because it is almost 1 AM and I am still working to get this done for tomorrow. :) haha Probably I just need to plan my time better. ;)

  26. There have been a few broken links but everything else was perfect.
    Thank you for the chance!

    Raffle name: Artemis Giote

  27. Lots of authors have their Rafflecopters end before the hunt does... I get that's a personal preference thing, but if they're having a special giveaway "for the hunt," then it should last just as long! Thanks for doing an additional giveaway, friend!

  28. Maybe have all the links double-checked to make sure everything runs smoothly?


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