Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Dec 2017 New Adult Scavenger Hunt

Hey :) I'm participating in my first New Adult Scavenger Hunt! NewASH gives you a chance to read exclusive bonus material and enter to win some awesome prizes! Click through all twelve posts, collect the lucky numbers you'll find somewhere in each post, add them up, and you can enter to win a six-book prize pack--one book from each author on my team. You can enter a second time to win all the books featured on the green team. But play fast: this contest ends noon Eastern on Dec 31. If you need more help or you get stuck somewhere, check this site for more instructions on how to hunt.

This hunt I am proud to represent the BLUE TEAM I'm hosting J Lenni Dorner.

J is promoting the first book in the Existence Series: FRACTIONS OF EXISTENCE. 

Once they were humanity's exalted protectors— now they are being hunted.

Xavier will weigh all human life against Gwendolyn's ignorant happiness. The good news is that her choice can blow his away.

Omnipotent beings find each other while playing an online game. Xavier has been searching for Gwendolyn, his true mate and the missing member of the Existence. Only if reunited can the group regain the rest of their memories and access all of their powers. Hidden in plain sight, disguised as humans, they help who they can, as best they can, when they can.

The Eyes in the Shadows, a religious sect, has been trying to free humans from the “prison” of life on Earth for millenniums. The Existence has always been able to thwart them… until now. They've discovered a way to end the world that no one will see coming.

Gwendolyn has her future all laid out. There is a plan. She knows what her parents want for her and how to get it. Then Xavier, a friend from a virtual game, makes her question everything. He's full of secrets, one being an understanding of her fear of the wind.

She tries to suppress her intense attraction to the mysterious and frustrating Xavier. She's engaged, after all, and the thoughts she's having aren't proper. Gwendolyn is swept into a whirlwind of secrets, danger, and a forbidden attraction. She'll drive across the country in her beat-up old car, not knowing if he's is genuinely interested or just being polite. (He refuses to kiss her!) Gwendolyn's journey is full of self-doubt, sacrifice, and dark visions that invade her sleep. Will she uncover the truth about herself?


J is sharing a very cool teaser excerpt from the novel. Check it out!

Oooh, this sounds smoldering and intense. Did I mention how much I love books that have scenes at carnivals or theme parks? This bonus material even helped inspire my own bonus material, part of which involves a roller coaster. Thanks, J. You rock!

If you want to read the rest of FRACTIONS OF EXISTENCE right now, you can buy it here.

The lucky number you need from my post is: 14. Good luck :)

Here's more about J:

J Lenni Dorner is best known for the Existence series. Book One, "Fractions of Existence," is available on Amazon as of 2017. He's also known for the writer's reference book, "Preparing to Write Settings that Feel Like Characters," which is available on Amazon and Smashwords.

In May 2016, J became a member of the Operation Awesome Team, and now runs the Debut Author Spotlight on Wednesdays. Blogging from A to Z #AtoZchallenge co-host as of 2017. 


The Creative Writing Institute holds writing contests which resulted in J Lenni Dorner's publication in "WRONG!: A themed anthology 2014" and in "LOST!: A themed anthology 2017" (available on Amazon).

Signum University's Mythgard Institute held a creative writing contest in 2015 called "Almost an Inkling." J Lenni Dorner was the Popular Vote Winner in week six. The resulting anthology publication is titled "The Soul of Wit" (Oloris Publishing).


One lucky blue team winner will score a six-book prize pack, including a copy of FRACTIONS OF EXISTENCE from J and THE KEY TO EVERYTHING from me. But I love secondary giveaways, so a second lucky winner will win their choice of any of my books, plus a bonus book by any author you choose. (Books will be ordered from The Book Depository or Wordery. Max price for both books is $40.) Read more about each of my titles on my Books page.

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Do you like dark and twisty mysteries with sarcastic boy narrators and action-packed plots? You're in luck! You can score an ebook of LIARS, INC. for just $1.99 right now. Kirkus called it "Captivating to the very end" in a starred review and if you like thrillers that keep you guessing, this is a deal you don't want to pass up. Liars, Inc. is great for teens and adults, reluctant and voracious readers alike. Here's the link to Amazon. Links to other vendors are in my sidebar, and also on this page from the publisher.

Are you hungry for more exclusive content, epic secondary contests, and general NewASH mayhem?!?  Suzanne van Rooyen is next for TEAM BLUE. 

A HUGE THANK YOU to the organizers of the hunt for including me, and to all of the participants for taking the time to stop by our blogs and enter our contests. We couldn't do this without you. Books and love  --Paula


  1. I like these scavenger hunts, I think they're fun. I learn about new authors and books 😊

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  7. I love getting to know new authors that I wouldn’t have otherwise discovered. Thanks for being part of the hunt!

  8. I love finding new authors to read and the chance to learn more about my favorite stories with the bonus content. Thanks for the hunt :)

  9. I love discovering new books! Even better when there's a teaser or some kind of bonus content ♥

  10. Thanks so much for hosting me! The hunt was really fun to be a part of.


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