Sunday, December 21, 2014


I know, I know, there are technically 12 days of Christmas. But what can I say? I'm keeping all the sexy drummers and pipers for myself. If you know me at all, that really shouldn't surprise you. I do love me some drummers! Also, I only had 10 prizes :D

We know we do not look it, but we swear we
are Christmas cookies complete with real candy cane pieces.

I once celebrated Christmas in Thailand and was quite surprised by all of the lights and fake trees and garishly decorated shopping malls. "But Thai people are mostly Buddhist, right?" I asked a man on the skytrain. "I didn't know you celebrated Christmas."

"Thai people do not celebrate Christmas because of any religion," he explained. "We celebrate it because it's fun!" It's been probably ten years but I never forgot that. So this giveaway is in the spirit of fun. It's all-inclusive (yep, all prizes are international!) and not meant to alienate or offend those of you who don't celebrate Christmas for religious or any other reasons. And now that the fine print is out of the way, let's get to the presents part! 

PRIZES!! (AKA presents)

1. A LAINEY swag pack, to include buttons, magnets, and bookmarks

2. A LIARS swag pack, to include a notebook, post cards, and mini flashlight (for optimal sneaking around!)

Evil overlord Blogger demands that you view this pic sideways.

3. A candygram of my fave holiday treats, plus bonus swag

4. An e-copy of INFINITE REPEAT

5. Another e-copy of INFINITE REPEAT, because Micah <3

6. An iTunes $15 gift card, because #MusicSaves

7. A LIARS, INC. black or white T-shirt (size small to 2XL)

Sexy front designs.

Stylish back design. (White shirt has stylish plain back.)

8. A signed ARC of LIARS, INC.

9. A signed copy of THE ART OF LAINEY (or TBD order + signed swag for INT)

10. A finished copy/pre-order of any of my books + signed swag 

Enter below via your pal, the Rafflecopter :) I hope you have a bookish and wonderful holiday season. Thanks for visiting my website!

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