Monday, April 13, 2015

Reviewer appreciation contest for LIARS, INC.

Hi guys. I'm soooo excited that so many people are reading and enjoying LIARS, INC. Thank you for your support <333

You're not going to see much of me online for the next six weeks because I am completely immersed in edits for both of my 2016 books. First there will be GIRL AGAINST THE UNIVERSE (formerly called BAD LUCK CHARM) from HarperTeen, tentatively in May, and then VICARIOUS from Tor Teen, tentatively in August. GIRL is romantic and funny, but also thought-provoking and poignant. VICARIOUS is dark and mysterious and slightly sci-fi. I actually finished writing VICARIOUS almost two years before I finished GIRL, but it's releasing later, just one more example of how every book's path to publication is different.

If you know me at all, then you know how strongly I believe that reviews are essential to a book and author's success. Here are some basic reasons why:

  • More reviews can result in better placement on book-buying websites.
  • More reviews can encourage casual shoppers to pause and consider a book.
  • Good reviews encourage on-the-fence shoppers/readers to give the book a try.
  • Critical reviews can keep people who would not like the book from buying/reading it.

I think some people miss how critical reviews can help. Example: if you were offended by the profanity or sexual situations in LIARS, INC., I want people to read your review and see that. Because readers who don't mind those things won't be dissuaded, and people who do mind those things are much more likely to pick up my "cleaner" books like LAINEY or GIRL if they have not been offended by something else I wrote. Make sense?

And now onto the contest! But just so we're clear:

What this is:
  • A way for me to encourage people who have read the book to share their thoughts with others via reviews.
  • A way for me to encourage people who have already reviewed the book to cross-post their reviews to additional sites so more potential readers can find them.

What this is not:
  • Me trying to bribe readers for good reviews. ANY honest review of the book that is 50+ words will count.
  • Me expecting people to buy my book to qualify for a contest. It's in lots of libraries--look!

Hello Maggie Stiefvater and Amy Tintera. I love your books!
Thanks to @FlytoFiction for this image.

Here's how the LIARS, INC. review contest will work. 

In order to enter, you need to be at least 13 years old and have read LIARS, INC. If I think your review is fraudulent or plagiarized, I'll disqualify you.

Then you need to write an honest, preferably non-spoilery review at least 50 words long and post it in at least three places. [Note: If you read an unfinished advanced reader copy, I'd love it if you would mention that in your review, as I made a ton of tweaks to the final book that I think strengthen the story. A summary file of the changes I made is available upon request via email.]

The most helpful places for me are probably book-buying website like Amazon, B&N, Book Depository, etc. but I know not everyone uses those, so feel free to also post your reviews on Goodreads, your blog, your local library website, your local indie bookstore website, a friend's blog, your tumblr, your Instagram, your Youtube channel, the printed or online copy of your school newspaper, etc. I'm flexible. If you put it someplace other people can read it, I'll give you credit.

Fill out this LIARS, INC. Review Contest form before the end of the day on May 15th to be officially entered. US and international participants are welcome. I will choose a winner by May 18th and mail/order your prize by the end of May.

Oh, right, the prize!

One randomly selected winner will win a two-sided black LIARS, INC. T-shirt, a keychain mini-flashlight, 2 magnets, and 2 signed bookmarks, all wrapped up in crime scene tape and packed in an official evidence bag.

Sorry, the Lucky Charms are not included, but as a bonus I'll throw in a YA thriller book of your choice ($18.00 US max price) from The Book Depository. If you enjoyed LIARS, I recommend something like GET EVEN by Gretchen McNeil, DANGEROUS BOYS by Abigail Haas, THE CEMETERY BOYS by Heather Brewer, or I HUNT KILLERS by Barry Lyga. But hey, it's your book--go crazy! Of course you're also welcome to select LIARS, INC. if you don't have a finished copy or THE ART OF LAINEY, which is absolutely thrilling in its own way, because Micah <333

As another bonus, I will send two signed bookmarks and a magnet to the first ten people who fill out the form and give me their mailing address.

As another bonus, I'll send two signed bookmarks and a magnet to another five random people who fill out the form before May 15th and give me their mailing address. So even if you're not first, you can still win some fun swag!

If you don't want swag or you've already won it from me and don't need more, just don't include your mailing address on the form.

Questions? Put them in the comments :)