Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Free shipping for signed copies of my books!

Photo credit: Vintage Books

Hi peeps. I just wanted to let you know that if you've been wanting a signed copy of any of my recent books, Vintage Books in Vancouver, WA has you covered. [Use the direct links below.] And I totally understand that paying full price for a book is expensive, but those extra few dollars (or one or two dollars in the case of a paperback) go toward extremely important expenses, like better wages for workers, adequate staffing, and sponsoring author events. If you are fortunate enough to be able to afford the occasional full-price hardcover, consider buying from an independent bookstore now and then. It really is a great way to support the literary community, including bookstore cats!

The true manager and assistant manager of Vintage Books

I'm going to sweeten the pot for anyone who orders two or more of my signed books from Vintage Books before May 31, 2018. While supplies last, I will reimburse you for the media mail U.S. shipping costs. This is a promotion I am running on my own, so you'll need to pay Vintage Books for the shipping and then email me a copy/screen cap/picture of your receipt and I will reimburse you via PayPal, Square, or by sending a check if you prefer. This is not a money-making opportunity for me. In fact, if all of my signed books sold in the next month, I would pay out about $80 in shipping and make less than $8 in royalties. (Currently, only LIARS, INC. has sold enough copies to earn royalties.) Even if we count unpaid royalty credit, I would still "make" less than half of what I am willing to pay out.

Books. Are. Awesome.

So why am I doing this then? First, because I want my loyal readers to be able to get signed copies of my books. I know the cover price of a hardcover is cost-prohibitive to many, so I figure if someone is willing to pay extra for a signed copy, why not help out with the shipping fees while the books are readily available? Second, I want to do my part to help the literary community and to support the bookstores who have supported me. Paying for shipping these books means I might have to go without somewhere else, but I am more than happy to skip a few coffees or buy a couple less books a year (thank you, libraries!) so that a store employee can make a fair wage and author events can continue to be a thing. And third, as an author it obviously helps me professionally each time someone buys one of my books. Succeeding isn't just about making a lot of cash. It's about growing business relationships and cultivating a readership. I never had a signed book as a kid, and if paying for shipping means I can help put a signed book into the hands of someone who will really appreciate it, well, that's a win-win situation, and those are too far and few between these days :)


Ready for some signed books? Order via these direct links:

Are you an international reader or a U.S. reader who can't afford indie prices? I may not be able to sign your book, but if you own a finished copy of any of my titles and are willing to review that title in two places online (can be bookseller websites, library websites, book blogs, your Instagram, etc.), email me a picture of the book and links to two reviews and I will mail you a signed bookplate for that book. Reviews can be positive, negative, or neutral, but must be at least three sentences long. Offer good while supplies last.