Monday, January 12, 2015

Where in the world is LIARS, INC.???


It's giveaway time again :) (When is it not giveaway time?) This contest requires that you follow @pstokesbooks on Instagram. If you want to win and you don't have an IG account, you'll have to make one and follow me. But no worries, it's totally fun and means you'll always have something to do while you're stuck in the post office line.

Because one of my kitties is an obsessive licker of books and the other is a destroyer of all things, I safeguarded all my ARCs of LIARS, INC. by hiding them in hard-to reach exotic locales. Your job is to "locate" the book based on the clues I give you on my Instagram feed, clues which are mainly going to be photos. Like this one:

Oh where, oh where can I be?

Only strong-willed, pure of heart, sound of mind, intrepid explorers will be able to locate this well-hidden tome. (Or, you know, if you're a big traveler, good at riddles, and/or Googling you might find it too.)

The logistics:

1. I post clues to the location of the ARC once a day on my Instagram feed.

2. You figure out the location from the clues in order to win.

3. You post your guess in the comments beneath the latest posted IG pic. Be as specific as you can. Just saying the book is in [city, state/country] is not good enough. If I don't respond to your comment, you're not right. Once a new pic is posted, you can no longer guess on the previous pictures.

4. Each intrepid explorer (that’s you) can guess only once per picture clue. You must also follow me on IG and like the picture for your clue to count, because I'm just needy like that ;)

5. This contest is open internationally. If no one guesses the location within 5 days/5 clues, I'll keep the ARC and do a second contest, but you guys are really good at this so I'm betting someone will "find" it quickly.
6. Contests like this can have a little wiggle room where someone's answer is close but not quite there or two people respond almost simultaneously, but one's a little more specific. I'm the sole judge of who wins and I'll do my best to be fair, but my decision is final and not open to appeal.

Questions??? Put them in the comments so I only have to answer them once :) Remember, do not guess the location of LIARS in the comments. You can only guess on Instagram.