Thursday, April 14, 2016

Girl Against the Universe Pre-Order Incentive!!

EDITED TO ADD: If you want a signed book instead of a signed bookplate, you can pre-order from Vintage Books in Vancouver, WA using this link. Be sure to note in the special instructions that you want the book signed, and if you want it personalized to someone, give them that info too.

Are you planning to buy Girl Against the Universe? If so, you might want to order early and take advantage of this awesome pre-order incentive :D Everyone who orders a new hardcover or e-book, from any store or website, by May 15th (so yes, if you ordered last week or 6 months ago it counts) is eligible to receive 2 signed bookmarks, a signed bookplate, a magnet, and 2 reader-designed GATU stickers (Thanks, Ri and Silvana!) Also, thanks to Eli Madison for laying out the book cover on the magnet and to Julie Heidbreder for designing my GATU bookmarks!

This incentive is international. In order to get your free goodies, you need to email your mailing address to pstokesbooks [at] gmail [dot] com subject: GATU pre-order, and include a photo, scan, or screenshot of your order confirmation or receipt. Lovely international peeps: It helps me a ton if you type out your address on multiple lines like my super-clueless self should address the envelope. Also, don't forget to include your postal code if that's something you're not used to using. Please allow four to six weeks for arrival.

BONUS: OMG I am so excited about this bonus. One lucky pre-orderer will be chosen at random to receive a deluxe Girl Against the Universe swag bag to include all of the above swag, plus a Girl Against the Universe notebook, a box of Lucky Charms cereal bars, an adorable dolphin plushie (because everyone likes dolphins!), and a mystic knot and neko bead good luck bookmark, all packed in a brilliant, painted tote, created by the queen of brilliant, painted totes, Ms. Becca Fowler!

Bookmark: the red woven knot is similar to Maguire's mystic knot necklace.

If you are not on my mailing list (why are you not on my mailing list?! ;D) this is the ONLY chance you'll have to win this killer prize pack. So if you want the book and you want the goodies, pre-order today from the vendor of your choice!

Wanna try before you buy? Click here to read the beginning of Girl Against the Universe.


  1. Hmmm, must preorder the hardcover NOW!! I preordered the Kindle edition ages ago!! =D

    1. Oh! E-book is fine too. Just not someone buying an ARC (which we all know happens, even though it isn't legal.) I'll edit the post straightaway (as Ravi would say.)

    2. Tis okay, I was planning to preorder the hardcover too for obvious reasons! ;)

  2. That bonus prize is awesome, and the totes always are super cute.


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