ISBN 13: 978-0062379931
Expected publication: July 11, 2017

NOTE: The following material, a comments section for a blog post, was accidentally omitted from the printed galley and original version of the e-ARC. The e-ARC available on Edelweiss has since been updated. These comments belong with the blog post from THE SCOOP on page 167, and should be read before page 168 or at 46% if you're reading an e-ARC. (Kindle location approx 2106/4621 if you use those locators.)

They're not super-spoilery, but I don't recommend reading them early. They do advance the plot in a way that there will be gaps in the story if you don't read them, so if you've got friends who are reading the ARC, please pass this link along to them. Thanks :)

Recent comments:
The Black Death: Freeman better watch his back. I am Justice and I am coming for him, and ain’t gonna be pretty.
boxxofmonkees: Hey guys. I started a Fire Brad Freeman Facebook page if you’re interested. Every person who posts on it has been tagging Eight Ball Bar and Grill in New Melle, MO, Freeman’s place of employment. Be sure to share it and tell your friends to boycott Eight Ball until they fire this lying sack of ****
Brad_Freeman27: My lawyer told me not to comment on any of these articles but I’m sick of hiding. Please take down that Facebook page and stop calling my work. I understand why people are angry, but I’ve been charged and there’s going to be a trial. Please don’t get me fired. I need my job.
pxs1228: Well look who it is. You should have thought about how you needed your job before you got wasted after work, got in your truck, and killed a rising celebrity.
Brad_Freeman27: I didn’t get wasted and I didn’t kill anyone. You’ll see.
pxs1228: Says you. I feel sorry for your mother, having to watch her son take advantage of a teen girl’s brain injury to try to prove his “innocence.”
shanthewoman: Hey Freeman. Why don’t you just go die, you degenerate piece of redneck scum?
Never Forget DK: If there was any justice in this world, you never would have woken up.

[End of omitted material. Thank you for taking the time to review this extra page. –PS]