Like This is How it Happened, the playlist for Hidden Pieces is still a work in progress. Yes, I am a slacker who should have posted it months ago, but I have to be inspired to create playlists, and it's been a rough year for me. Check back in a couple of months, and/or yell at me online if you're really interested ;)

Like Vicarious, Ferocious is an edgy, high-tech story with a lot of action and dark emotions. I definitely tapped into my love of 90s and early 00s grunge and alternative music when making this list, as well as some newer songs with that same gritty flavor. Click here to check out the playlist, hosted by In Love With Handmade, and see my notes for each of the songs I selected. I hope you enjoy :)

I generally come up with my playlists while I'm drafting a novel, based on songs that I think about or hear on TV/radio during the writing process. I wrote and revised This is How it Happened extremely quickly, during a period of my life where I wasn't really watching TV or listening to the radio. Therefore this book currently has no playlist, though I will try to create one in time for the paperback release.

Vicarious is a gritty, high-tech mystery with a lot of action scenes and dark emotions. I think you’ll find that this playlist captures those elements quite well. Click here to check out the playlist, hosted by In Love With Handmade, and see my notes for each of the songs I selected.

The tone of this book is mostly upbeat and hopeful, with occasional pensive moments and a dash of Irish flavor. I’ve compiled a Lucky Thirteen playlist that ought to leave you feeling just as warm and hopeful as the novel does. Click here to see the official GATU playlist, hosted by Bookiemoji. Enjoy!

I wanted to build a playlist that reflected the book’s dark tone as well as incorporated songs that main character Max would actually listen to. But it’s not all doom and gloom and murder—the book is meant to be an exciting and entertaining read that leaves you with a bit of hope and a (perhaps evil) smile on your face. With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of songs that meld the fun of California and high school with the angry angst of lying and betrayal. Enjoy! Click here to go to the official EpicReads playlist.

Because Infinite Repeat is a darker story than The Art of Lainey, it only makes sense that the playlist would contain darker music. However, both stories end on a hopeful note and I included a mix of both melancholy and uplifting music from multiple genres on this list. Enjoy! Click here to go to the official EpicReads playlist.

I had several goals for The Art of Lainey playlist. I wanted to capture the essence of fun and summer and falling in and out of love. I also wanted to feature songs from several different genres since each of my main characters has different musical tastes. Finally, I wanted to give my early readers a chance to weigh in on the songs they felt worked with the book, so five of these songs were chosen from a list submitted by my street team. (Thanks, #TeamLainey!) Ranging from punk to hip-hop to Taylor Swift, I truly think this playlist has something for everyone. Click here to go to the official EpicReads playlist where you can see my notes for each song and even listen on Spotify!