Old Newsletter page w street team link

Bumble confused.
I'm now writing for both HarperTeen and Tor Teen, as well as self-publishing new adult novels. Instead of trying to run multiple street teams for books in different categories, I'm consolidating my promo teams into one newsletter mailing list.

This way I can still offer loyal readers exclusive contests, and priority when it comes to interviews and features, but if you're only interested in my mysteries or NA books, etc. you can choose to skip over the newsletters that feature books you don't want to read.

If you're a former street teamer who liked the team format, don't despair. You'll still have access to all the past teamer amenities without any obligations. And for those of you who enjoyed the labor intensive activities like making graphics and fan art, there will be special contests just for you. So sign up below so you don't miss out :D

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