Sunday, May 25, 2014

Review incentive for THE ART OF LAINEY

Hi peeps! I cannot believe some three years after I started writing THE ART OF LAINEY that it's now hanging out on shelves next to books by people like Maggie Stiefvater. Do you know that I interviewed her when I was an unpublished book reviewer for a review website back in 2010? I used to ask her questions on Verla Kay's blueboards and be so excited when she actually answered. And now my to hers. Holy surreal life!

Is it me or does that copy of Shiver look a little...rumply?

I've posted before about how important reviews are to me--yes, even the not-so-good ones. Because I believe more reviews will give my book a greater chance of success, I've come up with a review incentive. If you read and review THE ART OF LAINEY by June 3rd, and copy/paste your review in at least three places online, you can win an ARC of LIARS, INC, a copy of the e-novella INFINITE REPEAT, or a postcard signed by Lainey, Micah, Bianca, and me. Contest is international with limitations on the e-novella. More info on the contest form.

Micah says he worked hard on these postcards and you should want one.

Now you are probably wondering if you want an ARC of LIARS, INC. I mean, it doesn't even have a cover or flap copy yet. HarperTeen is still approving this stuff in-house, but I can tell you that LIARS is the story of  Max, Preston, and Parvati, who start a business selling lies and alibis to their classmates. Then one day Max sets up an alibi for Preston so he can hook up with a chick in Vegas and it's all good...until Preston never comes home. Did I mention Preston is a US senator's kid? Yeah, the FBI goes after Max and the evidence against him piles up. Max's CIA-wannabe girlfriend, Parvati, tries to help him prove his innocence, with some surprising results. Content info, FYI: there are F-bombs and sexual situations. I think it's a really cool book, but it's quite different from LAINEY. Keep an eye out for a cover reveal in the coming weeks because OMG this cover is going to be ridiculously awesome.

Happy holiday weekend to the U.S. peeps. Happy Sunday to everyone else.