Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Mighty Mississippi Book Blast!

Guys, GUYS! I have spent the last few months organizing an awesome tour type of thing with fellow YA Valentine Philip Siegel. We wanted to do a week's worth of events. We wanted to gather as many awesome YA writer-friends as possible. Oh, and since I grew up in St. Louis and Philip currently lives in Chicago, we wanted to bring bookish awesomeness to the middle of the country.

Today, exactly two months from our first event date, Philip and I are proud to release all the information about the Mighty Mississippi Book Blast! Running from July 14th through July 20th, the #MMBB will be bringing YA authors from all over the U.S. to cities from Wayzata, Minnesota to Houston, Texas.

Check out all the details on the fantastic tumblr page made by Phil!


  1. Disappointed that I can't be at the stops, but this sounds awesome! And the Tumblr page looks great. :)
    Will have to let my midwest friends know about this...

    1. Thanks, Eli. Phil = digital genius. I know I'll make it to your city eventually, but until then I would love it if you spread the word to your Midwest pals.


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