Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Super Terrific Epic Awesome Nano Playlist

I figure by now you Nanobots are either halfway to 50K words or really freaking cranky. Never fear! I have come up with the antidote to all of the usual Nano woes. Just find your particular ailment in the list, listen, and be healed :) [Edited to add direct links to the vids in case the embedded clips bog down your computer].

Problem #1: I'm too tired.
Seventh cup of coffee not quite doing it?


Problem #2: I suck.
99.71% of all writers write sucky first drafts. And that other .29%? They never get invited to the good parties.


Problem #3: I'm angry.
Wanna break stuff?


Problem #4: I. Can't. Even.
Yes. You. Can.


Problem #5: I'm too young for this.
No one is too young for anything anymore. Didn't you get the memo?


Problem #6: I'm too old for this.
I know, right? Kids today! :)

I hope I included something that worked for your specific Nano ailment. (I went old old school with those last two!) When in doubt, listen to all twelve. Repeat as needed. And for reals, if you listened to all of those and you still feel crappy, you might need medical attention :) 

All video clips courtesy of artist, director, record label, or Vevo, via youtube.


  1. LOVE this! Rocking out to "Roar" right now before I dive into the afternoon word count. Thanks for the epic playlist!

    1. SQUEE! Thanks for being my first comment :) Glad you enjoyed. I had never heard the extended version of that Macklemore song until I put this together, and I am obsessed with it now.


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