Thursday, June 1, 2017

Girl Against the Universe: Seven Days Seven Giveaways Winners

Hi :) Before I get to the winners, just a quick update on my do-it-yourself MFA program. I am still working through the course of study I designed for myself, but I started a new nursing job and a new volunteer job in April/May, and I'm also trying to promote four books (2 paperbacks, 2 new hardcovers) that are releasing in June-July-August while revising one book for 2018, drafting a hopeful 2019, and working through the self-publishing process for a book that's releasing this fall.

So, long story short, I absolutely plan to meet my overall reading, writing, education, and community goals for the DIYMFA program, but I've had to cut back for May so I'm going to wait and do an official update in June or July, once things slow down for me a little bit :)

Now for the winners! Names below. All books have been ordered or mailed.

Day 1: Winner of the #MentalHealthBooks Instagram challenge is Marie

Day 2: Winner of the #InspirationalQuotes Twitter/IG contest is Kaitlyn

Day 3: Winner of the Twitter #Haiku contest is Maria M

Day 4: Winner of the Twitter/IG #Happy book contest is Irma J.

Day 5: Winner of the fears and strategies contest is Sarah R

Day 6: Winner of the Twitter/IG #LuckyCharms contest is Khae

Day 7: Winner of the GATU promo Rafflecopter is Adik

Day 7: Winner of the bonus Rafflecopter is Khayzelle

Other recent winners: 

Winner of The Art of Lainey is Sandra

Winner of any book (via the Liars, Inc. RT contest) is Denise

I just want to say a huge thank you to my amazing blog hosts and to all of the people who entered the contests. The winners were chosen randomly via Rafflecopter or, but I had a lot of fun going through all the posts :)

If you didn't win and you're sad about that, I highly recommend joining my newsletter :) I only send out 8-10 issues a year so it's not overly spammy, and almost every issue has an exclusive international contest. Another perk of newsletter subscription is that if you win one of my books that you already have or don't want in a newsletter giveaway, I will let you substitute in a different one of my books that you'd prefer. Newsletters also contain writing/editing tips and book recommendations. And subscribers get first crack at participating in blog tours, book blasts, and other ways you can earn awesome swag.

Speaking of awesome swag, if you're planning to order Girl Against the Universe, This is How it Happened, Vicarious, or Ferocious in the next couple of months, I'll be running a pre-order signed swag giveaway for all of those books, with a larger prize that anyone who pre-orders two books will be eligible to enter to win. Here's the first incentive, for people who buy the Girl Against the Universe paperback. Stay tuned for more!

Random kitty pic: Happiness is a fresh haircut and a big bed ;)

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