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I'm recruiting for a small street team for my August release, HELLFINDER, available to read now on NetGalley. Teamers who complete all of the required activities will receive a $20 gift card, signed Hellfinder swag, and the opportunity to use me as a reference for college, graduate school, internships, or relevant job applications! 

Here's more info about the book:

Winter Break turns deadly when Rory Quinn and her treasure-hunter grandmother travel to Iceland in search of an enchanted artifact. Their mission is to recover a blood-smeared stone that legend says will lead whoever possesses it to the nearest doorway to Hell. The client' s grandson, Einar, took the stone at the request of his favorite heavy metal band. As part of a publicity stunt, the band plans to open the closest doorway, rumored to exist deep inside one of Iceland' s many volcanoes, in just three days.
Along with Einar' s twin brother, Gunnar, Rory and Gram will need to navigate glaciers, ice caves, and volcanic tunnels in search of the missing artifact. But can the three of them recover the stone before the band unleashes anything evil into the Icelandic wilderness? As the team grows closer to Einar, Rory is growing closer to Gunnar, too. But she can tell he' s keeping secrets from her. Big ones, that when revealed, will cause her to question almost everything she' s ever believed.

Here are the street team details:

In order to apply, first read the entire book on NetGalley and leave a short review. Then email me at, subject street team, if you're interested in participating. 

In your email include the following:
  • Your name
  • The social media you use to share thoughts about books
  • Why you want to be part of the HELLFINDER street team
  • One thing you'd enjoy doing to promote the book

In order to apply you must have (or be willing to create) the following:
  • NetGalley and Goodreads accounts
  • At least one of the following: Bluesky, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, or some other social media app or website where you share info about books
  • At least one additional way beyond the above to review the story--could be Amazon, Barnes & Noble, LibraryThing, Reedsy, Bookish, a local library website, a personal blog, etc.
  • There is no requirement as far as number of followers you have. If you're looking to get some book promotion experience, this is a great opportunity for people just starting out. International teamers welcome.

Here are the required activities:

  • Post on your social media about the book's release on August 29.
  • Share the author's (forthcoming) post about the HELLFINDER pre-oreder incentive.
  • Post a review of at least 4 sentences on Goodreads.
  • Review the book on Amazon, B&N, or some other bookish website.
  • Vote for HELLFINDER on 2 Goodreads lists. You can also add the book to other existing lists.
  • Add 2 short, non-spoilery quotes from HELLFINDER to Goodreads, or if your favorites have already been added, vote for your 2 favorite quotes.
  • Create 4 quote/image graphics using your fave quotes from the story, using backgrounds provided by the author if desired. You can make your own backgrounds if you own the rights to the images or you get them from a free image bank like on Canva. If you're unclear whether an image is copyrighted, for purposes of this team please assume that it is.
  • Post 2 quote/image graphics over 2 separate weeks during September. Be sure to tag me (@pstokesbooks) so I can retweet if I happened to be on social media. 
  • Post 2 quote/image graphics over 2 separate weeks during October. Be sure to tag me (@pstokesbooks) so I can retweet if I happened to be on social media.
  • Post about the author's Halloween giveaway.
  • Complete one additional promo activity of your choosing. This could be making and sharing a mood board (again Canva is great for free images), creating fan art, interviewing me on your blog or social, reading a short passage from the book on social media, doing a tie-in post about Icelandic culture/geography, hosting a contest in support of the book, reviewing the book on an additional site, etc. I'm totally flexible here and if you think it counts then it counts. Pick something fun and reach out to me if you're struggling because I may need someone to cohost an online activity or help out with something behind the scenes.
  • Fill out the Street Team form (I will send to all teamers) by the end of November with links/images/whatever to show that you completed all of the activities.

Something to consider: I realize that marketing professionals who work for big publishers are routinely required to promote books they don't like and possibly haven't even read. I personally feel like that would be a difficult and demoralizing job, and that I might feel less love for books if I had to pretend to like them on a regular basis. With that in mind, I am going to request that you not apply for the HELLFINDER street team if you don't enjoy the story. You don't have to love it, but if it's a 1-star or 2-star read for you, you probably don't want to put yourself through fake-promoting it for a $20 gift card. This is just a suggestion and author request--not a requirement. All applications for the street team will be considered.

Applications (emails) due by the end of day on August 13th. Applicants will be notified by August 15th. I will accept up to 5 people for this street team. If I get more than 5 applications, I will give priority to street teamers I have worked with in the past and people who are on my mailing list. Join the list here. Incentives will be mailed out to street team members who complete all of the required activities by the end of November.

Questions? Put them in the comments or email me at

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