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Hi guys! It's August in the U.S. and August is one of those months that happens to be hot almost everywhere. Which means if you're like me you are either at the beach or hiding in the air conditioning, and either way you're going to need a book, right? So I'm going to help you out with an entire month of weekly giveaways. The theme here is mysteries, and what better kind of mystery to start with than a good old-fashioned murder mystery?

Tara Kelly is the critically acclaimed author of Harmonic Feedback and Amplified. I was lucky enough to read The Foxglove Killings over a year ago, and it was the kind of book I couldn't put down for a second. I had to know how it was all going to turn out! Tara excels at creating a believable (and totally creepy!) small town setting and unique cast of characters. And the slow build of tension to the dramatic finale will have you on the edge of your seat (or beach towel, if you're lucky.)

Here's the official flap copy:

Gramps always said that when the crickets were quiet, something bad was coming. And the crickets have been as silent as the dead. It started with the murdered deer in the playground with the unmistakable purple of a foxglove in its mouth. But in the dying boondock town of Emerald Cove, life goes on.

I work at Gramps's diner, and the cakes―the entitled rich kids who vacation here―make our lives hell. My best friend, Alex Pace, is the one person who gets me. Only Alex has changed. He's almost like a stranger now. I can't figure it out...or why I'm having distinctly more-than-friend feelings for him. Ones I shouldn't be having.

Then one of the cakes disappears.

When she turns up murdered, a foxglove in her mouth, a rumor goes around that Alex was the last person seen with her—and everyone but me believes it. Well, everyone except my worst enemy, Jenika Shaw. When Alex goes missing, it's up to us to prove his innocence and uncover the true killer. But the truth will shatter everything I've ever known about myself — and Alex.

Here's more about Tara:

Tara Kelly adores variety in her life. She’s an author and one-girl-band by night, and a graphic designer, video producer, and photographer by day. She lives in Sin City with her beloved guitars, sound design master husband, and a fluffy cat named Maestro.

Here's Tara with more about her first mystery novel:

Paula: Describe your book in ten words or less.
Tara: Sometimes you only see what you want to...

Paula: What is/are your favorite thing/s about the story?

Tara: The characters. They took on a life of their own as I wrote (and rewrote and rewrote) the story, and they all surprised me in the end.

Paula: What was the most difficult part of the writing or publication process?
Tara: I've never rewritten a book so many times (and I almost gave up). I'd never written a mystery or thriller before, so this book put me way out of my comfort zone. But I'm a better writer for it!

Paula: If this book became a movie, what song would play during the credits?
Tara: I fear the song may give away the ending, so I'll share the opening credits song. Cullorblind by Skinny Puppy.

Paula: Free play! Ask and answer any question you wish people would ask you but they never do.
Tara: Would you like an all-expenses paid trip to Ireland? Why, yes. Yes I would!

Paula: You and me both on that whole Ireland thing ;) I bet it's not even hot there! Now for the giveaway. TO THE RAFFLECOPTER!

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BONUS GIVEAWAY: Check out an interview with Parvati from Liars, Inc. and enter to win a copy of the book over on In Love With Handmade.


  1. I rarely read mysteries, I fact, I think the only mystery book I own is Liars, INC. I really want to read more mysteries though, so when I saw this giveaway I jumped right on it! Thank you so much for the chance, this book sounds awesome!

  2. I love mysteries. Many great authors. One of my favorite cozy mystery authors would be Donna Andrews: great story lines and a funny main character, always a pleasure to read :)

  3. I'm a sucker for mystery reads and The Foxglove Killings is definitely on my to read list. Dead Girls Don't Lie by Jennifer Shaw Wolf is one of my favorite mystery reads!

  4. I really likes mystery reads, especially during the summer. The Foxglove Killings sounds really interesting!

  5. I love mistery, sarah shepard is one of my favorite authorss! The Foxglove Killings is on my to read list. hope i can read it.

  6. One of the newer Stephen King books is a mystery called Mr. Mercedes and i completely loved it!

  7. BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP is one of my best reads this year! I love it cause you are as clueless as the main character. The book is in first person POV and when I read the plot twist part, I haven't read anything like it. O_O

    (There's also a movie version of it starring Nicole Kidman but then of course, the book is better!)

  8. I'd like a free trip to Ireland too! :D I can't believe I've never heard of this book before, it sounds so food! Definitely adding to my TBR!

  9. I love mystery novels. My love for mystery began when a friend asked me to read books by Agatha Cristie and lent me a short story collection by Agatha Cristie

  10. The cover of this book is beautiful, I bet it would really amazing in paperback/hardcover. I don't read a lot of mystery books, but this book really sounds good!

    Betul E.


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