Monday, July 17, 2017

Ferocious Graphics Contest!

I have mailed out all of my swag for THIS IS HOW IT HAPPENED. You know what that means--it's time for another great graphics contest! Do you want to win a copy of any of my novels, including a pre-order of FEROCIOUS or my forthcoming NA novel THE KEY TO EVERYTHING? I'm looking for cool fan art or quote/image pairings to share on social media related to FEROCIOUS. You don't have to have read the book to enter.

These images should include the title of the book somewhere and can include quotes from the novel, suggested taglines, your own taglines, etc. You can use your own photography, draw something, make word art, create an image in Canva, modify the official cover art, etc. (Click the Books or Media tab for access to the official book cover.)

What you can't do is use someone else's copyrighted material as the base for your work. If you don't know for sure it's open source (from a Canva free image bank or via Wikipedia where the image info says open source, etc.) assume that it isn't. I know a lot of you guys pull images from Pinterest and Tumblr for your blogs, but technically you might be infringing on someone's copyright when you do that and writers have gotten sued for doing that in the past.

Here are some of my faves from the TIHIH contest :)

Cover art modification by Agustina Z.

Mixed media by Alyssa C

Original photograph by Mariely V

Modified graphic by Rebeca G

Just like last time, I am picking at least two winners for this contest (assuming I get at least 2 entries), one based on the artwork I like the best, and one randomly selected from all of the other entries that follow the rules. It's not always just about who has mad design skills--it's also about the fact you took the time to help me promote my book <3 Just like last time, I might award additional prizes if I have trouble picking winners.

Each winner of this contest will get a signed finished copy of Ferocious if you have a U.S. address or a Book Depository or Wordery pre-order of the novel + a signed bookplate if you live outside the U.S. If you want Vicarious or one of my other books instead, just ask. I have no problem subbing in a different title as long as it's available. Everyone who enters, regardless of location, will receive swag to include signed bookmarks and stickers. All submitted designs remain copyright of their creator but will be fawned over by me and may be shared via my social media ;D

Possible text for your graphic:
Your graphic does not need to have text (aside from the book's title if you're not using the cover image), but it can. If you've read the ARC, you can use anything that stood out to you. If you haven't read the ARC, you can check out this six-chapter sample. You can also use part of one of the quotes that are listed on Goodreads. You can make up your own tagline or phrase or use one of the ones below.
  • Everyone has a dark side.
  • Monsters don't get happy endings.
  • Tonight is just a single perfect moment trapped in glass.
  • An unfamiliar feeling starts to wash over me. I think it might be happiness.
  • My name is Winter Kim. Today I killed a man. Soon I hope to kill another.
  • How far would you go to protect someone you love?
  • How far would you go for revenge? How much would you sacrifice for love?
  • Sometimes I feel like I'm not even real anymore.
  • Vengeance is waiting.

  • You must share your graphic on Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr, at least once by August 14. Caption/tag the image similar to: Winter Kim is back and she's out for vengeance! #Ferocious by @pstokesbooks releases August 15 from @TorTeen
  • Again, you can't use copyrighted material in your entries. Aside from the book cover, which can be freely used/adapted, any photography or imagery must be open source or belong to you.  When in doubt, don't use it.
  • Designs can be any shape or size and do not need to be high resolution.
  • You can enter up to three graphics, but each one must be shared on social media.

Final designs need to be emailed to me as a .JPG or .PNG for easy sharing at pstokesbooks [at] gmail [dot] com by August 14, 2017, subject: Ferocious graphics contest. In your email, also include your mailing address if you want swag and a link or enough information so I can find your shared image on social media.

General questions? Put them in the comments.


  1. Is this close??

    1. Sure. That's a fine entry. If you're ever interested in making more complex graphics, I highly recommend trying out Canva. It's free to join and there are lots of free images and fonts and backgrounds you can use :)


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